Justin Gesso

Justin Gesso

Focused on leadership, strategy, product management, and real estate, Justin has...

  • Delivered consistent double-digit YoY growth
  • Moved millions of dollars in monthly volume with AI
  • Launched products to 1 million+ global customers through some of the biggest names

PS - It's hard to stay humble while showcasing, so bear with me...

Appearances in some cool places...

Leading amazing people and delivering exceptional products.


Proud leader of rock star teams since 2004. I love nothing more than helping driven people excel.


♥ Happy customers ♥ experiencing products I've managed, spanning consumer to enterprise.


Debut book copies sold on launch week, hitting #1 bestseller status across 7 categories and 3 countries.

1 Pending Patent

Efficient FinTech portfolio rebalancing. Maintain optimal positions while minimizing tax and fee implications.

Justin Gesso Global


To lead amazing individuals in North America, CALA, EMEA, and APAC.

professional background and resume

Keeping Work Life Exciting

BETSOL Justin Gesso

Senior Director

Leadership Team

Advisory Board Member


I joined in 2013 as the 2nd US employee. As a direct report to the CEO, I've done whatever it takes to deliver double-digit growth year over year.

That means managing P&L, real estate, hiring, HR, recruiting, sales, legal, processes, vendor network, product, and everything in between.

Crypto-ML Justin Gesso



Machine Learning Mad Scientist


After using big data and ML to answer my own questions about the cryptocurrency market, I launched Crypto-ML in 2017 to provide these tools to 7,000+ customers with the same questions.

[ Series 3 Commodities & Futures ]

I'm now supported by a great team of clever strategists and developers in both the US and Germany.

Blue Steel Real Estate Justin Gesso


Associate Real Estate Broker

Blue Steel Real Estate


Primarily focused on investment properties, real estate has allowed me to diversify, deal with contracts, negotiate, build a client base, and work with industry movers-and-shakers.

[ Associate Real Estate Broker ]

I work single family, multi-family, farm, and commercial.


2013-2013 Senior Deals Manager Pro Services

2011-2013 Senior Product Manager 2007-2011 Technical Operations Manager

[ Project Management Professional (PMP) ]

2006-2007 Process Manager

[ Six Sigma ]

[ Lean ]

Progressive responsibility. Six Sigma. Lean. Managed global teams. Delivered millions in operational savings.


2005-2006 Project Manager 2004-2005 Operations Supervisor Managed customer service operations, marketing promotions, and Internet Banking rollout.



University of Colorado Denver

Statistical Analysis



University of Colorado Boulder

International Affairs

Random Jobs

Elementary School-2004

Customer Service
Oil Changer
Lawn Mower
Dog Sitter

"Justin provides an outstanding framework for any

Dr. John Shufeldt - MD, JD, MBA

Justin Gesso Bitcoin Full Node

Massively amateur software dabbler

I am not a software developer, but did teach BASIC and Pascal to my neighbors in elementary school. Spoiler: that is my computer in the picture, but I'm not actively using it. I run a full Bitcoin node on a dusted-off 12-year-old laptop. Because that's what keeps Bitcoin decentralized. Bitcoin is pretty  amazing . Here's a list of more proper dabbling...

Ridiculous Websites

Like this one!

WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, DNS, CDN, hosting, and some copy-and-pasted JS and PHP.

I've developed and maintained numerous client sites. Security, scalability, content, design, and more.

Stitched Microservices

Low-Code Fancy

Marrying data sources + compute gems = stealth high-tech.

Microsoft Power Automate is currently my favorite playground and reliably makes me look savvier than I am.

Photo by NeONBRAND

Machine Learning

Moving Millions of $$

Stats are my jam. ML is next level. BigML is where I thrive.

Alright, this is  not  so amateur...my production-quality models predict Bitcoin market manipulation. These models drive millions in monthly trading volume.

Kind Words

From amazing people.

Extraordinary advice, with a dash of wonderful corniness

Verified Book Purchase

"If you're looking for a success guide that isn't afraid to be bold, and take some fresh new approaches to personal fulfillment, then you owe it to yourself to give this book a try. And as a side note - the author is still active, and stands behind his work. He didn't just write this, and disappear. I went to his site and got an email from him soon thereafter. Justin's the real deal."

Ben Leybovich

Principal at Whitehaven Capital

"Justin Gesso is the secret sauce behind a lot of successful people, me included."

Mary Cheyne

Bestselling Author, MBA, TEDx Speaker

"Breaking out of the traditional employment pattern is a dream for many people. Justin's first book provided inspiration and fuel for my personal journey. I dare you to pick up this book and not take action on the side hustle or small business of your dreams."

Matt Hart


"Move over Tim Ferriss, there's a refreshed approach to unshackling yourself from the grueling busy-work of the grind."

Better than any other "start a business" book you'll read

Verified Book Purchase

"I purchased the Kindle and audiobook version of The Book on Small Business Ideas. I found it to be easy, strait-forward and engaging. The reader for the audiobook does a fantastic job too. If I'm ever having a day where I'm not feeling motivated to pursue my own business goals, I listen to this book on the way to work, and it gets me motivated to work harder and smarter than ever before. Even months into reading and listening to it I can still jump-start my motivation - that alone is worth the price to me."

Valuable combination of aptitude and attitude


"I had the privilege of working closely with Justin on multiple challenging projects at Avaya. Not only is he focused, technically competent, and experienced, he shows a great deal of open-mindedness and flexibility. Justin has the very unique and valuable combination of Aptitude and Attitude that is too rare in the corporate world. If there is a challenging project that is meaningful to the company and Justin is involved, I want in on that project. I can confidently and sincerely say that Justin is among the top 5 peers I have ever worked with."

A life changing read that you need.

Verified Book Purchase

"A most amazing second book by Justin Gesso. His first book blew my mind, this second book "Small Business Ideas" has raised the bar so much. Not only does it provide motivation like the first book, there are so many ideas and actionable steps. If you're tired of just getting by, If there is too much month at the end of your money, If you want to start a side business or even a primary business that will help you prosper, then DO NOT HESITATE, buy this book right now! In fact, if you haven't already read "Leave The Grind Behind" do yourself a favor and go ahead and purchase them both. You will not regret it."

My experience with Justin was beyond what I ever considered a Realtor would do for me.


"Buying one house is a huge deal, let alone two, not to mention from another state, and Justin really made the whole process super easy. To this day, more than two years later, Justin keeps in touch with me and his advice has been invaluable. I highly, highly recommend Justin Gesso to anyone I know looking to buy or sell a home in Colorado." 

Thank you so much for reading this far.

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