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The 9-5 job is over. Take control of your time, happiness and money.
- Success Magazine, August 2016


Are you ready to make a fortune and live a life that is more rewarding, more personal, and more exciting?

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"Move over Tim Ferriss, there's a refreshed approach to unshackling yourself from the grueling busy work of the grind."
-Matthew Hart | Author and CTO of Arise Virtual Solutions | Amazon Author Page

Are You a Cog or a Grinder?

Cogs are successful. They’ve done everything right. They’ve gone to school and more school. Cogs have taken corporate jobs, worked hard, and climbed the ladder into leadership positions.

But Cogs work hard to achieve someone else’s dream. Are you a Cog?

Try this 2 minute quiz to find out if you are a Cog or a Grinder.

Praise for the Book

“Leave the Grind Behind is an exceptional, actionable, and unique look at how to successfully quit your day job and follow your passions. It will prime you for repeated success while also maintaining a balanced life.

I’ve been able to personally see Justin Gesso’s plan in action and the fantastic results it has yielded. If you’re ready to quit your day job, make more money, follow your passions, and be in control of your time, I enthusiastically recommend this book for you.”

Elena Pezzini, PhD | #1 Bestselling Author and Certified Life & Financial Coach
You Have Got the Power

"Move over Tim Ferriss, there's a refreshed approach to unshackling yourself from the grueling busy-work of the grind. 
Having taken many steps to minimize the impact of wasted time, I came ready to hear what your approach would be. I found the basis in mental energy to be right on target--the minute anyone puts themselves in a position to want change, the first challenge is always overcoming their own psychological barriers. Affirmations tied to habits tied to've covered critical ground to make positive change.
Once I made it through, I found myself itching to do the actions. I couldn't wait to hit the street!"
Matthew Hart | Author and CTO Arise Virtual Solutions

"Leave the Grind Behind dives deep into the tactical steps and actions you need to start taking today to find yourself making money on your own quickly. Having left my corporate job to run a successful business of my own, I will tell you...take this model and execute on it."

Ashok Reddy | Founder and CEO

“This is it. Leave the Grind Behind shows you the way to repeatedly achieve success on your own terms.

These are the exact practices I’ve used to achieve extraordinary results in multiple business.”

Mark Ferguson | Owner of Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Businesses and Bestselling Author
Invest Four More

"Justin Gesso is the secret sauce behind a lot of successful people, myself included. This book is to the point and an easy read. Lots of highly actionable stuff here.
Do it! This will get you motivated and on the right path to doing something big in your life."
Ben Leybovich | Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

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About the Book

Leave the Grind Behind - BooksThere is a lot more to life than grinding away day-after-day for someone else. The problem is, by the time many of us have the insight, connections, and ideas to breakout on our own, we have responsibilities. We have families, mortgages, and more.

Leave the Grind Behind tackles this problem head-on, giving you the tools to massively reduce risk and jump into a life characterized by big money, more control of your time, and working toward your goals and passions. It is about intelligently transitioning from the W2 world to a world you control. 

Leave the Grind Behind quickly became a smash hit, reaching #1 Best Seller status in numerous categories on Amazon, including business, career, and success topics. It also ranked #1 in multiple countries and received a "Book of the Month" award from Amazon.

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About the Author

Justin Gesso ImageMy name is Justin Gesso, and just about a decade ago I was in your shoes. I had an MBA and a good run in the corporate world. I was comfortable, but I wanted out of the grind. I wanted more time, more money, and to live life on my terms. With the principles from this book, I've been able to:

  • 2x+ my 6-figure corporate income within 1.5 years of leaving the grind
  • 2x+ my net worth within 2 years of leaving the grind
  • Build an $850,000 real estate portfolio

And much more, all while working fewer hours and being in charge of my time.

And it’s only getting better. I have more flexibility than I’ve ever had. get to work on what excites me. Instead of building a life to suit my job, I have built money-markers that suit my life. And you can do it too!

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