Inspirational Stories of People Who Left the Grind Behind

While there are plenty of high-profile people who have successfully left the grind behind, it’s awesome to see stories of everyday people forging their own incredible paths.

Here are some great Grinder quotes and highlights

“I was director of a music school, which I helped establish. I hustled. I taught a lot. The second year in operation, my income touched $100,000. But I was making the wrong kind of money in the wrong kind of way…

Started buying real estate in 2006. Some say I did great. Others say I could have done more. But, whichever way you put it, I haven’t had a job since 2013. And now my wife doesn’t either.” -JustAskBen

“I walked out, and starting my company is terrifying, unnerving..and I have never felt so ALIVE.” -active employ

“I took the plunge and quit my day job and started my business at about the same time. Sink or swim. It was quite liberating.

My day job was one that would have paid north of 100k/yr within 1-2 more years. The job itself had a lot of enjoyable moments, and I do miss it from time to time. But I’ve never regretted the decision to jump.

My wife and I are sole owners. And we became self-made millionaires at 28.

I’ve now worked for myself since 2010, when I was 24 years old.” -xmartel

“I worked for HP for many years with the full intention of retiring with them. One day I had a revelation and began working on a plan. Two years later, I quit my job. My ex-wife quit hers as well. It has been 17 years since I have worked for somebody else.” -SteveO

“June 2015, I realized that I didn’t want to work as a chemical engineer anymore. I just love the fulfillment/feeling of purpose you get when you are running your own business saving people money and making their lives easier.” -Duane

“I had a six-figure salary and was on top of the world as someone who lived in a rural part of the Midwest.

Forced to exit, I simply had enough of the BS with getting the carpet pulled from under me and started down my own path with affiliate marketing, lead gen, and building my own SaaS.” -eliquid

“Left the corporate world in 2008, as did my wife. Not working 12 more months cost us nearly seven figures in salary, retention bonuses and stock options, but we’ve never regretted the decision or timing…” -JScott

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