“Leave the Grind Behind is an exceptional, actionable, and unique look at how to successfully quit your day job and follow your passions. It will prime you for repeated success while also maintaining a balanced life. I enthusiastically recommend this book for you.”
Elena Pezzini, PhD#1 Bestselling Author and Certified Life & Financial Coach
"Leave the Grind Behind dives deep into the tactical steps and actions you need to start taking today to find yourself making money on your own quickly. Having left my corporate job to run a successful business of my own, I will tell you...take this model and execute on it."
Ashok ReddyFounder and CEO BETSOL
"Move over Tim Ferriss, there's a refreshed approach to unshackling yourself from the grueling busy-work of the grind.

Having taken many steps to minimize the impact of wasted time, I came ready to hear what your approach would be. I found the basis in mental energy to be right on target--the minute anyone puts themselves in a position to want change, the first challenge is always overcoming their own psychological barriers. Affirmations tied to habits tied to goals...you've covered critical ground to make positive change.

Once I made it through, I found myself itching to do the actions. I couldn't wait to hit the street!"
Matthew HartAuthor and CTO Arise Virtual Solutions