The Book on Small Business Ideas – Release Announcement

The Book on Small Business Ideas is set to launch on December 21, 2017. In this post, you’ll find all of the details you need, including a book overview, video, audio, table of contents, and more…diving into what you can expect from this game-changing book.

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Overview of The Book on Small Business Ideas

My first book Leave the Grind Behind gave you the concepts, building blocks, and motivations to quit your job, make money on your own, and live a more fulfilling life.

This new book is more of a tactical and strategic dive, giving you specific approaches to creating and successfully launching your own simple side hustles, money machines, and small businesses.

The Book on Small Business Ideas is complimentary to Leave the Grind Behind. It is the next logical step for most readers.

The Book on Small Business Ideas: Level up your mindset, launch high-cash-flow money machines, and finally quit your job this year without the financial risk.

 It will take you through:

  • Understanding your personal drivers, allowing you to generate ideas that achieve your goals.
  • Finding your personal motivation to actually see your ideas through to reality.
  • Evaluating your small business ideas and side hustles against real-world criteria to determine success potential.
  • Launching your ideas effectively in today’s competitive environment.

The Book on Small Business Ideas is filled with exercises to help you find your passion, generate momentum, and stand out from the crowd. The concepts in this book won’t put you at risk, and they won’t be complicated.

This book will show you how to make much more money on your own, spend time how you want, build a simple business, and quit your day job. We’ll do this without putting you at risk financially and without the complexity many people associate with running a business.

Video: are you ready to become unemployable?

Here’s a short video that positions both books. Do you relate?

If so, The Book on Small Business Ideas may be just what you’re looking for.

Radio Announcement for The Book on Small Business Ideas

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Table of Contents from The Book on Small Business Ideas

Introduction: Your New Lifestyle Awaits
The Plan

Part I Lifestyle Design
You First, Business Second
Success Framework
Your Master Plan

Part I Breakdown

  • Part I – Lifestyle Design
    • Part I Introduction
    • You First, Business Second
      • Commitment
      • Mission
      • Baseline
      • Values
    • Success Framework
      • Habits
      • To-Do Lists
      • Goals
      • Top Three Goals
    • Your Master Plan
      • Personal Master Plan
      • Friction
      • Take Stock

Part II Foundation
Money and Time

Part II Breakdown

  • Part II -Foundation
    • Part II Introduction
    • People
      • Your Top 50
      • Systematize Your Contacts
      • Work Your Contacts
    • Money and Time
      • The Two Big Excuses
      • Money Primer
      • Time Primer
      • Time and Income
      • Money and Time Analysis
      • Eliminate Waste
    • Obsession
      • Attach Yourself to Growth
      • Food and Movement
      • Anti-Goals
      • Wins, Tally, and Recognition

Part III Selection
Business Ideas
Business Evaluation
Final Preparation

Part III Breakdown

  • Part III – Selection
    • Part III Introduction
    • Business Ideas
      • The 8 Characteristics of a Great Small Business
      • Marketable Skills
      • Products or Services
      • Business-Idea Brainstorming
      • Bonus Business Ideas
      • Get Specific with Your Ideas
    • Business Evaluation
      • Evaluator Phase 1: Offers
      • Evaluator Phase 2: Customers
      • Evaluator Phase 3: Competitors
      • Evaluator Phase 4: Money
      • Business Evaluation Conclusion
    • Final Preparation
    • Business-Selection Checklist
    • The One Thing
    • Pre-Flight Checklist

Part IV Launch
Action Plan
Going Live
Going Big

Part IV Breakdown

  • Part IV – Launch
    • Part IV Introduction
    • Action Plan
      • Business Commitment
      • Ideas into Action
      • Organizing Actions
      • Vendors and Employees
      • Partnerships
      • Constant Action
    • Going Live
      • Your Launch Plan
      • Step 1: Sell Before You’re Ready
      • Step 2: Marketing Machine
      • Step 3: Launch
      • Step 4: Analyze, Tweak, and Repeat
    • Going Big
      • Luck, Experience, and Guts
      • Business Loans
      • Limited Partners and Joint Ventures
      • Other Ideas for Growing Your Business

Final Thoughts
One Last Thing

What are the pros saying?

A sampling of the editorial reviews for The Book on Small Business Ideas:

“There is no shortage of small business ideas or side hustles. But there is a shortage of people who have been able to find their own perfect idea and see it through to success.

The Book on Small Business Ideas is here to change that. You’ll uncover your personal motivation and learn how to generate your own ideas. You’ll evaluate success potential and then uncover the methods to stand out effectively in today’s market. Make this your last year in the grind.”

Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation

“Justin provides an outstanding framework for any successful outlier who wants to start their own small business. Whether you are ready to go all in on your own small business or you want to start with a side hustle, you have to read this book.”

Dr. John Shufeldt – MD, JD, MBA, physician, multidisciplinary entrepreneur, author and speaker at

“If you want to see a business idea or side hustle through to true success, be true to yourself and to your passion. ‘The Book on Small Business Ideas’ takes you on a deep journey that will set you up for legitimate, long-term success and freedom. Success in life is all about building relationships and deepening connections…a topic near and dear to my heart. If you’re looking to level up your life, this book is a must read.”

Doug Sandler – bestselling author and top-ranked podcast host at

“​Breakin​g out of the​​ ​traditional employment pattern is a dream for many people. Justin’s first book provided inspiration and fuel for my personal journey. Now, he’s back with The Book on Small Business Ideas and has completely amped it up. I dare you to pick up this book and not take action on the side hustle or small business of your dreams.”

​Mary Cheyne –  bestselling autho​r,​ ​MBA, award-winning communicator​,​ and president of Magnetic Podium, LLC

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  1. Hi Justin, I wanted to buy your “Small Business Ideas” book for my daughter. She reads a lot about this type of book and asked for this one specifically and wanted a physical book as she takes notes in them, but I was wondering if you sell them through your site so that I may ask you to sign one to her for some inspiration instead of just getting it through Amazon.

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