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Early Success Goals of the Famous: Oprah Winfrey (plus video)

As it should be no surprise, goals have been a huge part of Oprah’s life since she was very young. In fact, she attributes her success to very clear, vivid images of her goals, all linked to a deeper purpose. Many of the techniques and concepts discussed on Victory Coaches have been inspired by or have root in methods Oprah has used during her lifetime, even in her early years, before success.

To me, this is the most interesting time in a person’s life to analyze–before fame. What actions, thoughts, and methods did they have in place that lead up to their current status and major breakthroughs?

Here are a few of her goals from Oprah, as she puts it, “very early” in life.

Oprah established goals by defining what she didn’t want

“Your life will be more than hanging clothes on a line.” -Oprah to herself

Interestingly, Oprah admits to defining many of her early goals by affirming what she did not want to be. This is a great technique for seeing things from a different perspective. If you are stuck on establishing your next goal, take a look at your current situation–what are some things you want out of your life?

Oprah set noble goals, even early on

Oprah currently has incredible resources, at which point it’s easier to focus a considerable portion of your time and money on noble, charitable causes, but in fact, Oprah is clear that she had noble aspirations from day 1. With a great purpose and drive to enrich others, many seem to think your chances of success in your personal tasks are greater.

“To be a teacher.” -Oprah

As a young girl, Oprah wanted to “be known for inspiring my students to be more than they thought they could be.” This later evolved into “to help people take better control of their life and destinies.”

Oprah believes in massive goals

“If you believe you can only go so far, it is an obstacle.” -Oprah Winfrey

While Oprah undoubtedly had numerous massive goals, her  monetary goals are interesting, and massive when considering her starting point and circumstances.

“To be a millionaire by age 32,” which later evolved to “To be the richest black woman in America.”

I talk a lot about big goals. See why setting anti-goals may be the most powerful success exercise you do!

Want more insight into Oprah’s goal process?

The video here shows the 6 lessons Oprah applies to her goals. These are the greatest lessons Oprah learned from Ted Turner, Laird Hamilton, Pastor Joel Osteen, Iyanla Vanzant, Jennifer Hudson and Paula Deen.


Oprah dreams and has always dreamed big! I hope you have equal ambitions in your life. If so, be sure to check out my book Leave the Grind Behind and download this free PDF…

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