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Grinder Success Stories – The Mindset to Make Money Your Way

If you’re making a big change in your life, success stories are invaluable. They provide blueprints, believability, and motivation…all key ingredients to level jumping your results. This success story dives in to the mindset you need to make money your way.

Andrew Alexander, Founder of, provides a fascinating insight into how he went from broke to the founder of a successful publishing company…following his interests, making money his way, and defining his life.

Leave the Grind Behind is the actionable book that reveals how to make more money, build your legacy, and quit your job. It’s built on 3 pillars: mindset, network, and action. In this 5 question interview, you’ll see how Andrew applied these Grinder principles to achieve exceptional results.

1. Andrew, what is your success story?

[Andrew Alexander]

It’s those rock bottoms in our life that set us free.

In March 2012, I was 25 years old, broke, unemployed, living with my parents, 40 pounds overweight, and overall I was a victim in life.

Down to the last $250 to my name, things couldn’t get any worse, so I packed my car and drove 2,000 miles across the country to learn what it takes to be successful. After settling in Scottsdale, Arizona – I worked my way inside the inner circles of some of the most successful people on this planet – Millionaires, Celebrities, etc. to learn their ways.

Two years into that journey, I moved into an apartment with two other aspiring entrepreneurs who were in the same position as me. Within the first month one of my roommates started making $10,000 from his online business. By month 3, he was making $45,000 per month, which gave me the belief that it was possible for me.

I built a digital magazine publishing company (Limitless Success Magazine – and A Dog’s Best Friend Magazine), ranked my magazine apps on the Apple Newsstand, and grew that company to 925,000 readers.screen322x572

Since building that company, I began making passive income, traveled for two years, and got really deep into personal development and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Now I use that to overcome any mental and emotional blocks th
at once got in the way of me creating the life I want.

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2. What mindset changes did you need to put in place?

[Andrew Alexander]

“When the student is ready, the mentor appears”

Most of the mindset changes I made were identity-level shifts I created by using NLP techniques.

In the early part of my journey, I used to chase the things I wanted, and the more I chased, the more I ran away.

By shifting my focus to BECOMING the type of person who attracts the right people, mentors, and opportunities in my life, I noticed that the things that happen to me in my life are a result of who I become through my beliefs and actions.

Success habits:

1. Mindset – Every morning when I wake up, I see, hear, and feel internally as if I already have accomplished my goals. In the beginning of doing this, a lot of negative emotions got in the way – so I learned a technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to quickly release negative emotions. By doing this, I re-program my mind to easily spot opportunities that align me with what I want. Our focus creates our perception, and when we focus on what we DO want, and we focus on it as if we already have it, that has worked very well from me.

2. Action – Say yes to everything. By using the technique in #1 – opportunities appear in my life, and from there the only thing I do is act on them, regardless if I logically think they will help me to my goals or not. I once got invited to a Vegan meetup group, and that is turning into a very great business opportunity where I can put my sales and marketing skills to use to help the Animal Rights community. It’s all because I said YES to an opportunity that I didn’t think had anything to do with my goals.

Cogs - Leave the Grind Behind

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3. How did you leverage your people network?

[Andrew Alexander]

Mentors are everywhere.

When I first got started out in entrepreneurship, I used to think of mentoring exclusively as some formal thing with one person.

The key thing for mentors is to learn from people who are already doing what you are doing. You can do this by watching videos or taking courses online, reading books, going to conferences, and networking locally and through the internet.

Mentoring is an exchange of value. I have one friend who is making at high six-figures per year selling educational training courses online, and has more experience in that niche as me. He walked the road I’m walking down now and is helping me navigate obstacles and is teaching my his lessons learned, which is helping a lot. But on the flip side, I provide value back to him. I taught him how to setup google remarketing ads for his business, which is going to help grow his business tenfold when he puts it to use.

Most people go into mentoring with a taking perspective. If you want to keep a mentor, act on their advice, and provide value back, whatever it is (graphic design, coding, etc…).

Leave the Grind Behind People Network 3

Also, I mentor others who are newer to entrepreneurship than I am. The really interesting thing is when I help others (from pure intent), a lot of the things I say help me as much as it helps them. For example, I told another entrepreneur to get himself out there and that is the only way he will attract customers. But by listening to my own words, I applied my advice to him to my life, and I put myself out there in new ways, attracting a new stream of customers.

Everything is a two-way process.

4. What has changed for you in regard to taking action?

[Andrew Alexander]

It’s really interesting that you ask this question. In the past, I talk about our psychology and how we run away from immediate pain and towards immediate pleasure. This is why we eat a big mac when we know it’s unhealthy in the logn run. The immediate pleasure of eating it is what dictates our behavior, not the logical thinking of how it will lead to heart disease.

So to work with this, I wrote a $100 check to my mastermind group and handed it to them (out of my control so I can’t back out). I gave myself a specific task, such as write my sales copy by the end of the night. If I slacked, they cashed the check (immediate pain). If I finished, I got the check handed back to me (immediate pleasure).

I created a video for that here:

But recently, I found a much deeper driver for behavior.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill talks about harnessing sex energy, and how some of the most creative geniuses in the history of mankind used this power as a driving force behind their ideas. Before I explain it, I have one phrase to live by: Don’t ask if it’s right or wrong…ask if it’s useful. This might sound a little crazy, but the way I describe it is for a purpose…

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In personal development and spiritual circles, they say we have 7 chakras (energy vortexes) inside of our bodies, where inside of these energy vortexes is the universe (the universe is inside us).

Still with me?

According to this philosophy, inside of us, we have an entire universe of the most powerful energy possible, and we can harness this infinite energy to let out in to the world.

The other month I met a woman who opened up my heart. The feelings I felt for her were like nothing I ever felt before, but I was overweight, lacked confidence, and reached a dip in my motivation.

Wanting to transform into the type of man that she would want to be with, I tapped into that “infinite energy” that was the driver for wanting to attract her. With her in my heart and mind, she was the driving force behind everything I did. When I was tired, I woke up at 6 a.m. to go running… to transform, for her. I climbed a mountain in Colorado every single day for two weeks straight…to transform, for her. When she was interested in starting a fitness business, I created a training program and a website in 24 hours…for her.

Ultimately, I’m not with her and I am dating someone else now, but she opened up the most powerful energy in my entire life. By pushing for something beyond myself (not to get with her…but to genuinely help her), I unleashed some type of force within me that would get me to move mountains for her.

I channeled that energy into all of my work and I’ve never been so productive in my life.

I just went through this, so I am not sure if I can put it into words, but this topic is talked about in Think and Grow Rich. I shrugged it off because I never experienced it before, but nothing has ever motivated me more to take action in my entire life, and once you experience this…the world is yours.

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5. What have I missed?

[Andrew Alexander]

The Law of Reciprocity – The more you give, the more you receive.

Do you ever notice that when someone helps you out, you feel obligated to return the favor? Most people who want to be successful do so from a taking perspective. But when you start giving more, you will receive more.

I also just got interviewed by another entrepreneur on a lot of things I accredit my success to, and that interview can be found here:


Thanks to Andrew Alexander for this exceptional peak into his success path. Be sure to check him out at

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